Monday, January 27, 2014

Shoo'in in the Soccer Field

Went for a quick run after school today.  Did a snowshoe run around and around the soccer field beside the school.  The ITB was starting to be touchy so stopped at 1.5 miles.

Then did a couple of "sprints"- really, faster than normal jogging - around the parking lot.  The ITB wasn't letting things go, so I called it quits at half a mile.

This makes 3 days in a row of exercise.  It's a miracle!  Now if I can just keep it up...

1.5 miles
14:14 average pace

.5 miles
9:42 average pace

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blog Catching Up: Bradbury Squall, water running, windy running

Bradbury Squall
Last weekend I ran the Bradbury Squall.  Due to lack of snow, it was not on the mountain side, which I personally am always thankful for.  The race this year measured out to 2.9 miles.

I knew starting out that I wanted to try and run harder than I normally do.  Lining up at the start, I started in the back, with my usual peeps.  I started my new Garmin watch, but couldn't pick up a GPS signal in time.  I was initially bummed about that because I wanted to monitor my pace, but decided going by feel could be a good thing!

Started out and knew I was going a bit on the slow side.  I did something I NEVER get to do.  I made a break for it and passed a whole line of people.  It was kind of fun!  Caught up with the next line of people and hung with them until we hit a hill.  I slowed quite a bit on the hill, which taught me I really need to add hill work into my running.

I kept pumping and breathing like I was going to exhale a lung and finally made it out to the snowmobile trail.  Here I got to see people descending to the finish line.  It was a gradual hill, but not too rough so I caught my breath and kept going.  I made the loop and then started down the snowmobile trail.  Ahhhhh. Downhill.

The trail was a wee bit longer than I thought but I kept trying to keep up my pace.  I finished strong in 34:34.  I was really proud of myself that I picked up the pace this race and worked through it.

Pool Running
Yesterday I went with Christine to meet up with Dave at the Freeport Y.  Dave, in all his kindness and awesomeness, met with us to show Christine some strength and circuit training she can do while healing from a stress fracture in her foot.  Boy, did he work us and gave us both a lot of great tools to keep up with core strength.  Still feeling it today!

After our workout, Christine and I went to the pool.  I grabbed a couple of water belts for us to do some running and we slowly made our way into the pool.  It took us a little bit of time to get used to the belts and running, but we eventually got into a lane and went up and down, running in slow motion.  We ran in varying speeds, but just kept constant motion for a good 30 minutes.  It went by quickly with Christine as company.  I hope we get to do lots of water workouts together during her rehab time.

Windy Run
 I really wasn't in the mood to run as I've been a major slacker lately and I was sore from yesterday.  I dragged myself out though in the cold wind.  It was about about 13 degrees out with crazy wind whipping everywhere.  The plan was to run on the trails to stay out of the wind.  I started out on the road until I hit the trail that goes into the woods.  I was feeling great until I got on the snow.  My core and hips still aren't strong enough to hold everything together.  The couple of inches of soft snow we got last night made for a bit of a slip under my feet.  My hips started to feel not so hot after a short while.  I hit C and C road at mile 1 and decided to go out and do some road running.  I did a quick loop and did 2.9 miles.

2.9 miles
10:15 average page

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Wanted to do 12 or more today.  Did around 6.  Was wet and yucky out there on the trails and was a lot of work to move forward.  Legs were feeling pretty heavy too.  I'm thinking all the new work I'm doing from PT is doing it's job and making my legs tired!

5.8 miles on snomobile trails in the rain
Time: 1:19:37
Average Page: 13:51

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I am a weakling

PT tonight focused on strength exercises.  I hadn't realized how week I had become this fall and just overall in life.

Starting at ground zero and might not be able to walk tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Running mid-week, WHAT??

Actually made it out when I got home tonight.  Did 2.4 on snowmobile trails.  The trails were frozen solid and a bit rough on the ankles, so turned around at 1.2 to not injure myself.

This was a big deal for me.  Got home after dark and was tired.  Wanted to prove to myself I could run mid-week.

I have to say a big thanks to Jamie for going out with me.  Was a little nervous hitting the trails in the dark and he was more than willing to tag along with me.

And we saw a shrew.  He dug a cute little hole to run away from us.

2.4 miles on snowmobile trails
Time: 29.54
Average pace: 12:25
(not too bad of a pace considering we did a lot of pausing and tiptoeing over ice)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Started physical therapy today!

We spent forty minutes on stretching.  Apparently my left hamstring is much more taut than I thought it was.  Along with many other muscles.

I'm going to like having some support because I'm horrible at doing the stretches and exercises I'm supposed to.  I like how we are taking it slow so I can start good habits and when I go on Thursday, I'll have someone holding me accountable.

Also, my PT location is less than a mile from my house.  Handy.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

That was awesome.... then it wasn't so much.

Wanted to get a bit more miles in under my belt today so I started with a road run.  It was awesomesauce.

5.33 Miles on snowy roads and road shoulders
Time: 55:24
Average Page: 10:24/mile

That is a rockin' fast time for me.  And if felt good.  ITB was a bit tight by the end, but was holding together.

Got back to house, drank some water, grabbed the snowshoes and headed down the road 1/4 mile to where the snowmobiles had made a path.  Was still doing ok.  Then I started to "snowshoe run" in slow-motion.  I could tell my legs were tired, but they were working hard so I knew I was getting in a good workout, no matter how slow I was going.

I made it out 1.5 miles and then..

Except I didn't fall.  My lower back/left hip decided to stop working, but it still made me think of this clip from Family Guy.

I trudged my way back at an even slower pace. Not being able to go at a speed where I was working hard, I got a bit chilly and fully appreciated the heater running on high when I came through the door.

3.1 Mile snowshoe run
Time: 59:40
Average Pace: 19:15

Thursday, January 2, 2014

-3 is not warm enough for my toes

1.5 mile snowshoe run
Time: 28:13
Average Pace: 18:20

That was hard.  Cold (feels like -21), dark, digging through 4 inches of freshly fallen snow on top of the other foot of snow.  Only made it 1.5 miles because my toes were really hurting and I couldn't seem to wiggle them to warm them up.

Proud of myself for getting out there despite the snowstorm and cold temps.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I did something ridiculous today because I need some running motivation.

 I registered for the TARC 50 miler.

I'm really bad at training, so I thought perhaps by publicly declaring my lunacy, maybe I would do better at getting out there and putting the miles in. I've got 22 weeks.

Today: 4 mile run in snowshoes in 12 degree weather (brr!)
Time: 55:26
Average Pace: 13:44

 Run was out to C and C road and back. Someone had kindly groomed the trails, making it easier to run on, though I'm not sure I'll ever think running in snowshoes is 'easy'.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stone Cat Marathon Race Report

I figured that everyone else was writing race reports, so I might as well write one up. So here goes nothin’ in a very long winded kind of way....

I’d like to start by saying, wooot! I’m a marathoner.

And, what an amazing day it was. I’m not sure how much I even slept the night before. I was too excited and nervous to relax. I amusingly woke up at 3:30 to Jamie sitting there with his laptop, playing a game of chess online. When I asked him why he was up so early he merely stated, “The alarm goes off in 15 minutes”, like one should always be awake for the alarm to go off.

I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t, so I got up and ate a bunch of my left over delicious garlic chicken pasta from the night before (can I just say how much I love eating leftovers for breakfast? Almost as much as I love pie for breakfast, but not quite.) I then spent some time on the foam roller and started to pack up what I needed in as few bags as possible.

We headed out to the race at 5 and got there in plenty of time for me to have to make two nervous pee trips to the bathroom. I had read in Mindy’s report that this is the one time where there is a very long line for the men’s bathroom and no line for the woman’s. It was really funny to see though!

In time my mom and dad and then Monique and Karen arrived. What an awesome support team I had there for me at 6:15 AM!!!!! The race was delayed 15 minutes due to a car accident that blocked the road to the race, so we began at 6:30. I thought that maybe I wouldn’t need my headlamp, but it was still pitch black out there. As all the runners made their way out of the gym to the start line, it was quiet the site to behold.

At this point I was so excited, yet in a bit of denial that I was going to run 26 miles. I really had so much adrenaline pumping, the worried part of me drifted away as we started out. Despite the bottleneck of moving from an open field onto a small path, I still ran the first mile pretty fast for me. As I made my way along in the dark I ended up falling in with a very fun group of women who led me all the way to Fast Fred’s. One of the women was named Ann. I will forever be thankful to her. She stayed with me the whole way through the first lap even though she could have run much faster. She kept me going and slowed down through the hills I was struggling on so that I could keep up with her.

I was cruising along great - and running fairly fast for me with the kind of trails we were on. When we hit the cold water - unlike Danielle and Val - I did not run right through it. I tried so hard to keep my toes dry and warm - poor things. I eventually realized the lost cause and made large splashes as I tromped through it. This is when my toes decided to hate me for the rest of my life. There is nothing like running through ice cold water halfway up to your knees in sub 50 degree weather when you still have 23 miles left to run.

I met my entourage for the first time a little after Al Cat’s Lounge. I guess they had been lost, but they didn’t show it! It was great to see everyone and get the encouragement to keep on going. I also passed off my headlamp to my mom so I wouldn’t have to carry it anymore. I had zipped though Al’s because I knew that if I stopped I wouldn’t be able to control the urge to eat the bacon and that would have made bad things happen.

The women I had been running with caught back up to me and I worked hard at staying with them. The first lap of this thing is somewhere around 13.5 miles. I gotta tell you, 13 miles is long. I had been working hard those 13 miles too and felt it as we were beginning to make it into the soccer field. I was feeling a little low when I looked around the corner and saw in the distance my mom standing with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Rod! What a surprise. I had no idea they were going to be there! What a pump of energy that gave me. I looked further down the field to see Jen and Adam there. Rockin’ good times all around. I now had a fan club of 8. This lifted my spirits. I am so blessed to have so many awesome people in my life who would come out at crazy hours and watch me run by them in the woods for a few seconds before I disappearing for a few more hours.

The second lap started fantastic. I was on such a high having just seen everyone and I had made it through in 2:58 (who would have guessed I could pull that off?). The first mile sped past as I watched 50 milers go by about to finish lap 3. As you cruise along this part of the course you suddenly make a sharp left up a hill to go into single track mode away from the “in and out” section. For some reason when I hit the top of the hill I felt like I had just climbed Mt. Everest. My brain went, “oh no, this doesn’t bode well for the remaining 12 miles”. I kept chugging along though. It was a little hard to have to stop to let the 50 milers go on by, but I secretly enjoyed the excuse to stop.

This lap was hard. I made it to Al’s and my left ITB felt like it was going to break in half like a too taut elastic. Seeing everyone again though lifted my sprits and Erik was there helping out. It was fun to see him! I hadn’t eaten any food and it still didn’t look appetizing. Looking back I should have partaken in the chicken soup. Erik tried to get me to eat. Next time I’ll listen to him.

Running alone in the woods is a funny thing. I did almost all of my training alone. But when training I would pause, find a comfy spot, perhaps lay down for awhile, call my mom and dad or friends to chat for awhile (Jamie eventually figured this out and would answer the phone with “are you laying down? get up and start running again.”). There were many points on the second lap where I looked longingly upon a lovely pine grove with a soft bed of pine needles just beckoning for me to have a moment’s respite from this torturous event I actually paid money to participate in. At this point in the race I also resorted to talking to my legs. They weren’t very good listeners though. I part of me didn’t really want to stop for long because there was a clock ticking away at the end. I had to keep stopping to stretch though. I was hoping a massage table and masseuse would magically appear at some point on the trail, but no such luck. “Who wants a body massage?” I did.

The last 8 miles brought some wonderful people who passed on by me, but helped me through some rough parts and kept me going. With a couple miles left before Fast Fred’s, I became ravenous. I pulled into the aid station and immediately started to chow down. My family and friends later laughed as they recalled the vision of me double fisting 2 ginger snaps and potatoes. Man those were good.

I was sad to leave this aid station. I remembered it had seemed long from this point to the finish line the first lap and then I was with Ann. This time I was all by my onsie.


I’m not sure I fully remember these miles. I ran some very slow ones - around 20 minute miles (was I actually moving forward?). I stopped many times to stretch my left IT band. My calves were also screaming at this point. I eventually couldn’t figure out what hurt more. My ribs had had it with the coughing and I felt like they were broken, every stride the shift in my sports bra made the pain worse, my lungs felt like they were only half working, my feet hurt, my toes were cold, my nose wouldn’t stop running (and I refuse to partake in the pastime of snot rockets), my hips felt like a 98 year old’s and I definitely noticed the lack of cartilage in my knees. It was me alone in the woods with one very tiny violin.

I eventually hit a point I recognized and thought I was almost done. I was running so slowly though this stretch took forever. I was getting really annoyed with the fact that I was still running and not enjoying a beer when I heard Jamie’s voice bellowing through the woodland. What a sweet, sweet sound. I actually teared up a little. I still couldn’t see any one but I knew that if I could hear Jamie, the end must be near.

Jamie walked beside me while I lobbed along into the field. Ah, sweet victory - the finish line was in sight. Along with my mom, dad, Jen, Adam, Uncle Rod, Aunt Judy, Monique and Karen.

I have to admit that I found finishing fairly anti-climactic. I was so tired and moving so slowly it wasn’t the photo finish I had quite envisioned. I was just super happy to not have to move forward anymore. I was so glad to be surrounded by family and friends though. Again - a huge thank you to them all. I would also like to thank all those Trail Monsters out there who encouraged me along the way. What a very cool group of people you all are.

So thus, I am officially a marathonwe. I slow one, but a finisher. And I felt different going into work on Monday morning. Nothing around me had changed and no one looked at me different;y, but a piece of me had changed. Yep. 26.2. Check.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Painful 10

After getting only one run in mid-week when I had wanted to get two in, I thought a nice 10 miles would be good for a weekend run. Silly me using the words 10 miles and nice in the same sentence.

It started out great- I bumped into Jamie as I was heading to the road and we ran the first mile together before I turned off onto trails. I haven't run down CC Road since the fall. Now I remember why I was avoiding it. It has this hill that feels like it goes on forever. And doing it on slushy snow, mud and ice made my not-really-in-hill-shape-body take a turn for the slow.

But after you turn off CC road, there is a section of woods that I love to run through. It's so beautiful and it makes me feel like a elf. If only I could run with the grace and speed of an elf. Instead, I look more like a three-legged elephant trying to run across a frozen pond.

As I was running, I somehow missed the turn I wanted to take to loop back around to CC road. I was on a dirt road though, so I kept going and going. Finally, at 5 miles I called Jamie to have him try to figure out where the heck I was. I knew I had to turn around or find a loop back, because over 10 was not an option. Jamie was able to place me on the map, and I'm glad he got me turned back around.

Running is funny. Some days are rockin' good times- no matter what pace you're going. Other days are like you are trying to drag yourself through waist-high cement that is beginning to solidify. Today was a cement day for me. It took me 2.5 hours for today's run. And that doesn't count the stopping to figure out where I was. Or for the stop when I decided I needed to take the middle screw out of my right shoe right then and there if I was going to take another step.

I made it back in one piece though. My body is really tired and my big toes are blistered, but I've got another 10 miles under my belt, so hopefully the next 10 won't be so bad.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time to Resurrect the Blog

Sooo.. my last post was some time last June. I don't really have an excuse for not writing over the summer. I just got lazy. But now that I've been running more regularly again, I figure it's time to get back to things.

Here's a little recap of the past 7.5 months:
Ran off and on throughout the summer and into the fall.
On October 4th I ran the Leaf Peepers Half Marathon in Vermont (which is mostly on dirt roads). I finished in 2:42:50 and managed to stay in front of 15 people out of 670. I was pretty darn proud of my time and how I felt after the race.
The weekend after the half marathon I ran in The Road to Recovery 5K to support my friend Erin and I PR'd! I finished in 28:09. I was pretty darn excited with this right after the half marathon.
In the month of December, the only exercise I got was pressing the pedal on the sewing machine while making all of my Christmas presents. I did get in a short run on Christmas Eve with my brother.

In January I started to pick things up again as I started to plan out the year. I really, really, really want to run the Stone Cat Trail Marathon in November. I figure that's going to take a lot of work for me to get there.

I also would like to run the 25K at Pineland Farms again this year- and for this round I would like to finish in a reasonable amount of time! And I'm trying to add hills into my running so I can run in some of the Bradbury Races this summer.

I'm currently up to 8 miles - which I managed to do today on some icy trails and a little bit of road. Being vacation this week, I can actually get some running in mid week. I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel after 3 days of running this week!

Here's a little video of me slowly running on trails- this is for you Chris so you can see how it's done on the east coast!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


In between the rain I went for a run on the trail Jamie showed me last week. With all the rain the trails were a bit muddier than last week, but were not as bad as I expected.

I started out a little slow, but got some of the creaks and aches out from spending the last 3 days packing and moving boxes of books at school and helping to pack and move a friend of mine yesterday. The dump road hill was a little rough but I ran the whole way even though my running is slower than walking at times.

After the hill I felt great going down the trail by the powerlines and when I hit the woods I actually felt like I was running at a semi-normal pace, something I haven't been able to do at all in the past 6 months. It was at this point that I remembered that I hadn't taken my blood pressure medicine today. Feeling like I was able to run again at a normal pace has solidified my decision to call my doctor to change my medicine to something that doesn't slow my heart rate down. I'm hoping a change in meds will help be get my body going a bit faster!

I was cruisin' through the woods and feeling great. I got about a quarter mile from home and I attempted to dodge a very large mud puddle. I made it halfway around and then totally wiped out and down I went into the deep muddy water. My first fall in the woods. I feel like a true trail runner now.

On a side note, I ran this 4.6 miles at a 12:56 average pace and last week with Jamie I ran it at a 14:29 average pace. Sweet.

Post Run Mud:
(you can also see the funny swelling that happens in my knees- it's like my knees have a weight problem)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Attempt #3

I think I've finally recovered from Pineland Farms. I'm still as slow as ever, but that horrifying feeling of overwhelming exhaustion didn't hit today when I ran. It also helped that Neighbor Jamie took me out on the trails by our houses to show me a new loop (4.6 miles!). He walked most of it because my running slows down so much after a mile, but it was very nice to have company and very nice of him to put up with my slowness.

My legs felt good too and my ad and abductors didn't tighten up until mile 3! Things are going along swimmingly. This week I'll try to get another run in during the week. The end of the school year has been keeping me a bit busy, but I'm curious as to how I feel with two runs/week. Very exciting!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Attempt #2

Things have been a wee bit busy with the birth of my niece and then coming back to work and dealing with the work that piled up, so I haven't done ANY form of exercise all week. No TKD and wiffleball ended, so I didn't even do any base running.

Today I decided to go out for a short run so perhaps I could finish it. I ran the Sarah Vaughn loop at a medium pace for me. I just get so tired. I'm not sure how I ever made it through 15 miles. I need to get back to the gym for cross training and I need to start doing intervals. I think I'm going to stick with some shorter mileage and work on my pace so I can go running in a reasonable amount of time.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Attempt to run again #1

This run can be summed up in two words: Epic Fail.

As the week has progressed I have been feeling better and better. My left hamstring was loosening up along with my hip flexor. I was even walking at a semi-normal pace by Wednesday. I also made it through an hour and a half of Tae Kwon Do Wednesday night and the Wiffleball Championship Doubleheader Thursday evening(our team made it to finals but lost by one run in the last inning - being runner-up ain't so bad though!). I brought my foam roller to the game that night to roll in between innings. It helped keep the left hamstring going through the games.

Today I decided to get my butt back out on the road. I went out to do the Wakefield Loop (4.7 miles) because it's flat. I was feeling great the first mile and ran it in 11 minutes (which for me is pretty darn fast). After mile 2.5, my left hamstring and my right adductor got so tight near my knees. I figured that I probably wasn't doing anything good, so I slowed way down and walked for a while. When I started to run again after stretching for a bit, I was moving super-slow. It was also really hot out compared to how the weather has been.

So, lesson learned: I must be spending more time on the foam roller and more time doing my core exercises from the dr. Off to foam roll I go.

And thank you for all the congratulations on completing my first 25K! I have to admit that I'm still pretty darn excited about having done that.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pineland Farms 25K

I ran my first long race yesterday. It was long, I was slow, but the Pineland Farms 25K was conquered.

Until yesterday, the longest distance I had ever run in my life was 8.5 miles. Jamie kept telling me, "It's only 7 more miles Kate. You'll be fine." I didn't quite believe him, but I figured, what the heck.

I ran alone through most of the race. There was a father-daughter team that I went back and forth with for a while, but at one of the aid stations I stopped and had my dad stretch me out for awhile. That break left me as the last runner in the 25K with a big gap between me and anyone else. (though I did beat the 4 people who walked it!)

Knowing that my parents were out there somewhere waiting for me was very motivating. They sat for HOURS in the cold and rain waiting for me to come around to the aid stations. It was so nice of them to come down and help me out. They kept me going!

Around mile 8, my left hamstring and hip had just about had it. Thanks to Jamie Raymond, my amazing sports chiropractor, he had me walking around again after my Thursday evening wiffleball game, but I think running on it this long was just too much to ask of it. I did have hot pink Kinesio tape on my hamstring, ad and abductors to help out with the pain and inflammation. I got lots of comments about the tape out on the trails. I made it through miles 8 and 9 and then really started to drag. What was nice was my right leg and I felt fantastic! I had the energy and my right knee was still hanging in there. It's pretty exciting to be running without knee braces!

After I crossed the area where you go by the finish line (painful to see it so close, yet it is so far away), I ran this section of the race essentially alone. And when I say alone, I mean ALONE. It was just me and the fields and woods and the rain. I sang to myself making up the grand ole tune of "I'm alone, in a field, in the rain". At this point I was barely able to move the left leg. So I tried a variety of running techniques. I sashayed so I wouldn't have to use the left leg. I was able to do this for a good while, and then I switched to one-legged skipping. I also tried the keep the left leg straight and swing it around to the side for a limp-along stride. I kept trying to move a bit faster 'cause at this point I was just looking forward to stopping. My right leg then got very tired of having been pulling all the weight for the last many miles and I eventually surrendered to my extremely slow pace and no running up the hills at all. I think the last 5 miles were the longest 5 miles I have ever run. Eventually the 50 miler runners started to go by me. It was very exciting to see people. Emma and Chuck both cruised by me at this point.

I eventually hobbled in to the finish at 4:25:03. I was pretty excited I broke 4:30. Next year I think I'll tackle this again and I should be 100% healthy by then thanks to Dr. Jamie.

So the good news is, up until the last 3 miles, I felt great. My left leg didn't allow me to have much of a stride and it was in killer pain, but the rest of me was doin' fine. Thanks to my parents and all of the other runners out there cheering me on. It was nice to see Raw Food Frank out on the trails - he walked with me for a little while up a hill and kept me going. I also saw a lot of the Trail Monsters out there - every stopped to say hello and give me some encouragement. And thanks to Jamie for pushing me to get out there despite all odds!

I can't move today, but will hopefully be out on the trails again soon. And I can't wait until next year. I'm hoping to knock an hour off my time.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stop the presses..

Exercise actually happened today.

Thanks to neighbor Karen, I went to the gym tonight. I did 20 minutes on the bike (11 something miles)and 35 minutes on the treadmill (2.5 miles). I walked for 15 min, jogged for 5, then upped the incline for 5, and upped it again for another 5 with a little increase in speed and then I walked a little cooldown for 5. This was the first time I dared to press the incline button. It feels a little funny on the treadmill, but kicked my butt, which was a good thing. I think I'll work on treadmilling it at an incline from and perhaps it will be more like running out and about on the road.

I have a feeling I'm going to be sore tomorrow, but if felt good to be moving again!

Tomorrow I am starting the biggest loser competition at my school. We do our first weigh in. I'm hoping that this competition keeps me motivated as I start once again down the road to getting in shape. It is also great how so many members of my staff have signed up! It's really exciting to promote healthy eating and exercise and to have so many people excited about it. It should be a lot of fun.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Yellow Belt with Green Stripe Test

I made it through my testing tonight, but not without some bumps and bruises. I made it through the first part of the test and all of my self defenses and front grabs. I didn't realize we were also doing wrist grabs - not too bad, but I burst a vein on the top part of my wrist- which stings. I then only had to perform my poomsae, Taeguk I Jang, once! (meaning I did it correctly the first time) I also got to skip the sparring (yea!) because I wasn't testing for a new belt - just a stripe.

Then came the breaking (ominous music in a minor key starts to play now).
I'm not a big fan of breaking. Call be a wuss, but it hurts. Really hurts. It's like whacking your hand/foot against something by accident, but you are doing it on purpose and hitting the object with everything you've got. Being an adult, I'm supposed to use 1 inch boards. This round I was supposed to do a strike with my hand that at least my instructor knew that there was no way that I could do it. So we tried a simple hammer fist. I did that testing for my orange belt.... piece of cake I'm thinking. I just couldn't do. After the 3rd try with the right hand, I switched to the left, then we switched boards to a smaller one and went to the right again. I finally broke that one. The result of all of the pounding can sort of be seen in the following photo:

I also failed at the kicking breaks. I tried two different kicks- both of which I have done before. Just not the night for me.

So, besides the breaking it was ok. I've asked if I can use the breakable non-wooden boards for next round. I guess I'm just not that cool.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last night at Tae Kwon Do I received a true beat down. I landed with a solid thump directly on the left butt bone while sparring a much larger opponent. There was just no hope when our kicks met. I went flying.

So no fast moving for me for awhile. I ache from head to toe. And with parent conferences happening this week, no running has happened. I'll try to get out this weekend if the ice stops coming down and if my spine and butt feel like moving ever again.

I did get a good workout in last night before I hit the ground. And my instructor made me get up after I got hit and finish the match! Brutal.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Night Run #2

It was a warm evening tonight at 40! It felt like a heat wave so John and I tackled a longer route. We ran down 202 and around the loop of Darbick road. The road was very dark, but it was nice to get off the tar for awhile. The run was a total of 3.95 miles. At the end I was going so slow that John had to stop jogging and walk beside me, but I kept plugging away. After the run, John and I headed to the grocery store for steak and we cooked up a tasty meal. Now I'm fighting sleepiness as I start the many hours of school work that I need to complete tonight.

3 runs in one week! (woo-hoo and a click of the heels!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the Dark

Tonight John and I ran the Sarah Vaughn loop. This was my first run in a long time where we started out in the dark. It was still 30 out so not too cold, but chilly. I've been looking for some thicker weight running pants to help with the cold weather. I haven't found any yet, but have found a thicker undershirt. It kept me nice and toasty :)

I was hoping my run would put me in a better mood. I enjoyed John's company, but I'm still annoyed with how my day went. Perhaps I needed to run longer. I'll have to add mileage on in the future depending on how my day went.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wakefield, Kennebunk Pond and the HHH

A couple of Sundays ago I managed to conquer all 4.6 miles of the Wakefield loop once again. I shuffled along at a slow pace, but it felt good. I did some serious icing of the knees after, but they were ok the next day.

Later that week I went out after school by Kennebunk pond. Brr. I was not prepared for the weather or for the wind whipping. I ran 2.6, but it was not easy. I was underdressed, despite the layers and I was wishing that I had gloves on. Winter is finally upon us.

And for the final part of my update, yesterday I went up to portland with Jamie for our first Hash House Harriers Run. What a riot with a lot of really cool runners. I love that the way that the run is set up, it allows for us slower runners to catch up with those speedy people. Jamie was very nice though and kept checking in with me to make sure I wasn't left behind. Also on the run back to the car I made him walk up the hills because my knees were done with it. Next time I'll remember to take ice. When I don't ice immediately after stopping there are consequences. Today my knees feel like each individual piece of the knee has detached itself and every time I step they all come crashing down together. It was a day of delicate stepping and as much desk work as possible.

I'm hoping to hit up the next hash run. I could get used to that kind of running! Anything that starts and ends with beer works for me :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Flakes of Winter

Today I saw my first few flakes of snow come trickling down from the sky. I had left some stuff at school that I needed, so I thought I would go for a run around there after I picked things up. I headed down the road around Kennebunk Pond. I've always wanted to go down there, so I figured running would be a good way to do it!

I made it a total of 4 miles. It may have been the slowest 4 miles ever run, but I ran the whole way - even the hills!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Reason #56 to Lose the Gut: Harder for German Shepherds to Latch on to Your Stomach

It looked like a nice crisp morning this morning to take a little hike up Ossipee Hill. Jaime informed me that you could drive all the way to the gate now, so I thought I would challenge the Honda Fit. The Fit is awesome. I can't believe how well it handled the rocks. I felt like I was driving a Jeep up there - just a very tiny, low Jeep.

I didn't quite make it to the gate because of a large puddle with an indiscernible depth so I parked about 50 meters down the road from the gate and started to head up. I was about halfway up the mountain when two dogs came barrelling around the corner. I am NOT a dog person. They terrify me. Especially a German Shepherd that is coming at you full speed with his teeth showing. I froze as the dog jumped on me gripping my gut with his teeth. At this point I simultaneously screamed, started to cry and started to pee myself. The owner yelled and the dog unlatched, but he continued to circle me. The owner took him down on the ground as I slowly backed away from them. Fortunately the teeth and claws didn't make it through the fleece too much and I am just scratched a little; but it's sore and I think it will make for some good bruises later on today.

That little incident had my nerves a bit on edge and as the sky darkened and the wind picked up as I continued up the hill, things felt a little creepy. It started to rain a little just as I made it to the fire tower, so I didn't stay at the top long. And then I booked it back down the mountain for the heck of it. I love that it takes me 20 minutes to get up the hill and you can run down it in about 5 minutes. I'm sure my knees were cursing me the entire run down, but they already hurt, so I figured, what the heck?

So, lesson learned. If I had a fit and flat stomach, the dog perhaps would not have been able to bite me. Perhaps this will motivate me to get into better shape.