Sunday, January 26, 2014

Blog Catching Up: Bradbury Squall, water running, windy running

Bradbury Squall
Last weekend I ran the Bradbury Squall.  Due to lack of snow, it was not on the mountain side, which I personally am always thankful for.  The race this year measured out to 2.9 miles.

I knew starting out that I wanted to try and run harder than I normally do.  Lining up at the start, I started in the back, with my usual peeps.  I started my new Garmin watch, but couldn't pick up a GPS signal in time.  I was initially bummed about that because I wanted to monitor my pace, but decided going by feel could be a good thing!

Started out and knew I was going a bit on the slow side.  I did something I NEVER get to do.  I made a break for it and passed a whole line of people.  It was kind of fun!  Caught up with the next line of people and hung with them until we hit a hill.  I slowed quite a bit on the hill, which taught me I really need to add hill work into my running.

I kept pumping and breathing like I was going to exhale a lung and finally made it out to the snowmobile trail.  Here I got to see people descending to the finish line.  It was a gradual hill, but not too rough so I caught my breath and kept going.  I made the loop and then started down the snowmobile trail.  Ahhhhh. Downhill.

The trail was a wee bit longer than I thought but I kept trying to keep up my pace.  I finished strong in 34:34.  I was really proud of myself that I picked up the pace this race and worked through it.

Pool Running
Yesterday I went with Christine to meet up with Dave at the Freeport Y.  Dave, in all his kindness and awesomeness, met with us to show Christine some strength and circuit training she can do while healing from a stress fracture in her foot.  Boy, did he work us and gave us both a lot of great tools to keep up with core strength.  Still feeling it today!

After our workout, Christine and I went to the pool.  I grabbed a couple of water belts for us to do some running and we slowly made our way into the pool.  It took us a little bit of time to get used to the belts and running, but we eventually got into a lane and went up and down, running in slow motion.  We ran in varying speeds, but just kept constant motion for a good 30 minutes.  It went by quickly with Christine as company.  I hope we get to do lots of water workouts together during her rehab time.

Windy Run
 I really wasn't in the mood to run as I've been a major slacker lately and I was sore from yesterday.  I dragged myself out though in the cold wind.  It was about about 13 degrees out with crazy wind whipping everywhere.  The plan was to run on the trails to stay out of the wind.  I started out on the road until I hit the trail that goes into the woods.  I was feeling great until I got on the snow.  My core and hips still aren't strong enough to hold everything together.  The couple of inches of soft snow we got last night made for a bit of a slip under my feet.  My hips started to feel not so hot after a short while.  I hit C and C road at mile 1 and decided to go out and do some road running.  I did a quick loop and did 2.9 miles.

2.9 miles
10:15 average page

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DavidColbyYoung said...

Do you have any more photos of the Bradbury Squall? Maine Running Photos would like to complete their report of this event.