Friday, November 21, 2008

Wakefield, Kennebunk Pond and the HHH

A couple of Sundays ago I managed to conquer all 4.6 miles of the Wakefield loop once again. I shuffled along at a slow pace, but it felt good. I did some serious icing of the knees after, but they were ok the next day.

Later that week I went out after school by Kennebunk pond. Brr. I was not prepared for the weather or for the wind whipping. I ran 2.6, but it was not easy. I was underdressed, despite the layers and I was wishing that I had gloves on. Winter is finally upon us.

And for the final part of my update, yesterday I went up to portland with Jamie for our first Hash House Harriers Run. What a riot with a lot of really cool runners. I love that the way that the run is set up, it allows for us slower runners to catch up with those speedy people. Jamie was very nice though and kept checking in with me to make sure I wasn't left behind. Also on the run back to the car I made him walk up the hills because my knees were done with it. Next time I'll remember to take ice. When I don't ice immediately after stopping there are consequences. Today my knees feel like each individual piece of the knee has detached itself and every time I step they all come crashing down together. It was a day of delicate stepping and as much desk work as possible.

I'm hoping to hit up the next hash run. I could get used to that kind of running! Anything that starts and ends with beer works for me :)

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Jamie said...

That was definitely big fun!